We have put significant effort into obtaining planning, environmental and development approvals, to ensure Highgrove Estate will be developed in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.

Part of the project involves rehabilitating approximately 14,000 sqm (63% of the site) of natural wetlands currently in private ownership and transferring it to the control of the City of Gosnells who will ultimately manage the Shreeve Road wetlands in their entirety.

The developers have prepared a Wetland Management and Revegetation Plan (WMRP) describing the how this work will be done. In summary the WMRP involves:

  1. Removal of weeds and non-native vegetation,
  2. Planting of local native species. It is expected over 8,000 native plants will be planted, predominately next winter,
  3. Monitoring and maintenance of plantings as well as continued control of weeds,
  4. Handover to the City of Gosnells.

Ultimately the plan will greatly improve the health and sustainability of the wetland ecosystem.

Phase 1 of the WMRP, being the removal of weeds and non-native vegetation, is scheduled to commence next Monday 21st October and take approximately 1 week but may take longer depending on local conditions encountered on site. You may see and hear some machinery in the wetlands removing the non-native vegetation (including some large exotic trees) during this time.


If you have questions about the Highgrove Boutique Estate and or the Wetland and Revegetation Management Plan, please contact the people below.

Questions on the Highgrove Boutique Estate:

Mitch Whalan, Project Manager, Whalan Consulting.
Ph 0438 904 436  |  [email protected]


Questions on the Wetland and Revegetation Management Plan:

Stacey Harley, Coterra Environment
Ph 9381 5513  |  [email protected]